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Studio Parisien des Arts et de la Mode    France
Short Description:
Studio Parisien des Arts et de la Mode - French school specializing in fashion and art, the program is developed to increase knowledge and improve skills in the theoretical and practical disciplines. The theoretical and practical sessions are based on European techniques. Each program is based on the rich cultural heritage of France, reveals the theme of the course. The internships advantage is the possibility to study in Russian. The students receive a certificate of Studio Parisien des Arts et de la Mode!

France: Paris

Education, internships, art, fashion

1. The intern in the European center of fashion
2. The internships for designers (European method)
3. Plain-air in Paris (the intern for artists)
4. The internship in museums (for artists)
5. School of design in Paris
6. Summer school of art in Paris
7. Laboratory of modern art
8. Impressionist
9. Surrealism in Paris

Famous Alumni:
Serge Smolin – a fashion designer of fashion house IDoL; Serge Payet – an artist; Konstantin Leontiev – an organizer of Odessa Fashoin Day.

Contacts (web-site, address, phone, e-mail):
3, rue des Panoramas 75002 Paris +33 6 58 34 95 24 contact@artsstudioparis.com www.artsstudioparis.com

Facts and figures:
International practice (internship), the french certificate.

FashionEducation comment:

This is a unique opportunity to pass an internship in Paris, in the center of current trends. You will obtain the exclusive knowledge and skills in the field of fashion and art, enjoy communication and creative work with the graduates.
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