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Seminar on "Innovative solutions in the fashion-industry. QRGL Technology Presentation", organized by the Design Bureau "North": successfully developing Russian company, resident of "Skolkovo" innovation center , has presented its own work-out: technology QRGL ®, which successfully helps manufacturers and distributors of products to fight counterfeiting.

This topic has recently become very actual, and struggle against the production and distribution of counterfeit products is going on in almost all sectors of the economy - industries such as the pharmaceutical industry, the jewellery industry, FMCG (in fact, all the areas with strong brands leaders), largely suffer from those who forge their products, ranging from life-saving drugs to production of food. The fashion industry is one of the most suffering areas due to counterfeiting production, especially in the luxury and premium segment. As Pavel Medvedev, head of KB "North" and the workshop leader, told to the seminar participants, the loss for the global industry is evaluated by figure of 500 billion dollars a year, so for the fashion industry in the production of fashion-goods, the losses, according to various estimates, could reach several billion dollars, and reputational damage to the image of the goods that are the object of increased demand from counterfeit products, yet not fully appreciated, so the final figure could be much higher.
Technology QRGL ® is designed to help manufacturers and distributors to accurately track the supply chain and product sales, both in the segment of fashion, and in other industries.
Based on using of QR-codes, available to anyone with a smartphone, this technology allows consumers to easily and quickly determine a fake versus the real item. But this is just the top of the iceberg, because the software installed in the office of the manufacturer or seller of products, kelps to the company's staff quickly keep track of where and when the goods were sold or scanned. If the system "beeps" of products at the same QR-code, no doubt: it's a consignment of counterfeit goods. Accordingly, it becomes clear what steps you can take to stop the mass selling of counterfeit products thanks to clear geo-location of the exact point-of-sale.
Moreover, this system makes it possible to build a reliable communication between the seller and the consumer, also in terms of improving the effectiveness of advertising and marketing: the QR-code can contain information about ongoing promotions, discounts and sales, as well as storage systems bonuses for purchase - in general, all that you need to tell the customer - and even the care instructions for the product. This information, opposite to traditional leaflets and price discounts marked on the price-holder in the shop, you can quickly modify: just change the news on the web page of the company or the product, which is referred to the QR-code.
Gleb Alshansky, technical director of CB "North", demonstrated at the presentation, how much information can be programmed using the QR-code, and what other opportunities this technology gives to manufacturers and buyers.
The meeting showed that issues of product counterfeiting and how to struggle with it are relevant for the companies, so it was met with the great interest and causes a positive feedback and a lot of questions from journalists and bloggers.
We’ll keep following the topic! 
For the information:
Technology QRGL ® - is the latest information technology, developed by CB “Nord”, the resident of Russian innovation center Skolkovo. This technology helps to manufacturers and distributors to solve two major problems:
1. protection from counterfeit goods
2. raising of advertising and marketing tools’ effectiveness 
Constructors’ Bureau "North", a developer of technology QRGL ®, was founded in November 2011 to implement the innovation "system of protecting goods from counterfeiting". 
The company is the resident of the Russian Innovation Center "Skolkovo". 
For more information please visit the company's web-site: http://www.qrgl-technology.com/
Pavel Medvedev - the author of technology QRGL ®, PhD, has extensive experience in management positions in marketing in major Russian and foreign companies, has successful experience in creating their own business (designing and installation of low voltage systems), the author of several inventions, speaks 4 foreign languages.
Questions and additional information: info@fashioneducation.ru
Photo: Dima Babushkin, www.intermoda.ru
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