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In her collections IVANOVA brand translates femininity formula, in which a woman representation acquires a mystical significance, since it always assumes fusion of male and female. A distinctive IVANOVA style is apparent in graphic silhouettes and templates of sculptural simplicity, in birth of beauty out of parts and combinations of elements inherent in menswear with pliant and supple forms corresponding to the aesthetic of a female figure.

For the collection spring/summer 2017 «Estoy dispierta» the designer featured tributes to the enduring symbols of artistic perception: iris flowers and the versatility of "Russian soul" concept.
According to ancient legend, the iris flower was the first to bloom after the world creation.
The bizarre inflorescence of this flower reflects the harmonious interaction of male and female, certainly being considered an appropriate symbol of courage, protection, spirituality while at the same time purity, innocence and insecurity. Magical colors symbolizing the joy of life and relevant to pristine nature – bright combinations, shades of green, yellow and white create a magnificent palette of the collection, in which full play has been given to the juxtaposition of color, texture and embellishment.

Creating each outfit and addressing a multi-faceted Phenomenon of Russian mentality, Julia Ivanova seeks not to return to modern life the original look that existed in the past, but the bright state of the Russian soul, filled with all-embracing love to the world, that is its innate ability in spite of any circumstances. Keeping carefully the amazing passion for color, accessories, layering and combination of a of constructions variety, the designer transforms her creative sources and turns them into a silhouette solutions basing on her own associations.

The clarity and conciseness of lines, restrained use of elements of Russian costume combined with the lightness and translucency of the draping, feminine details, flowing natural fabrics blur the line between feminine and masculine, which do not contradict each other. This creates the elusive female image: the chastely severe or seductive sexy or playful and flirty – but always desired and acceptable. Keeping in functional clothing for the modern girl an amazing sense of warmth hand-made elements inherent in the past, the designer completes the images with hand-made accessories and lavish embroidery. Shoes for the collection were produced specifically for «IVANOVA» according to the sketches of the author.

The heroine of the spring/summer collection 2017 «Estoy dispierta» by IVANOVA is looking forward to the the future, possessing all the wealth of the Russian soul with its enormous emotional and creative potential, incredible sincerity and information received in her youth. She makes others love and respect her, flourishing and expressing yourself as well as the incredible country in which she lives, with its vast primordial power and ability of rebirth.

Presentation of new collection is to be held at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia on October, 13 at 3pm. 

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